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Scott Stapp of Creed is gaining strength through recovery
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Substance abuse can start out as a single addiction to any substance from alcohol, drugs, even prescription medications. Dealing with an addiction can be challenging enough, but dealing with addiction and a co-occurring mental or behavioral condition can seem impossible. Yet many who were losing the fight on both fronts daily, have found methods of […]

Just be still and know: Meditation for the laymen
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Meditation is the process of freeing the mind from cares. It requires concentration and a quiet environment. Some people meditate for hours; some for as little as 20 minutes. Most sit in the lotus position—that is, on the ground with hands folded in the lap and legs bent at the knees and crossed at the […]

Florida counselor training now online
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“It is estimated that at least 5,000 new addiction counselors are needed every year to meet the growing demand for professional addiction treatment.” This is according to The Florida Board of Certification, which has taken a productive step and approved the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, or NCADD of Middlesex County. NCADD is […]

Seeing light through the shadow of overdose: Families stand up to drugs
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The abuse of illicit drugs, harmful substances or prescription medications has a vice grip on people in the United States. The Centers for Disease Control, CDC, found that in 2012 alone, 41,502 people died due to drug poisoning or drug overdose deaths. Lives lost to an overdose have devastated the families left behind. Some family […]

Put ‘em up, put ‘em up! Rebuttals to common addict excuses
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Substance abuse and addiction will control a person’s life to the point of being unable to function without it. Friends and family can stage an intervention and request the user go into treatment. To which the user may supply a list of excuses and attempt to explain that he or she can recover without a […]

Apples not falling far from the trees: Drugs and childrearing
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Parents rear their children, watch them grow, help them take their first steps, play games with them, teach them right from wrong and be there when they need help most. No one is the perfect parent, there exists no manual on how to raise children. There are areas of parenting that are especially difficult to […]

Habits: From harmless to destructive
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Habits become an unconscious staple of the everyday life. From checking the cell phone every few minutes to reaching for a cigarette upon waking up, habits form and are difficult to break. One could turn the hallway light on before walking down the hall in the middle of the day. Another may drink a beer […]

High Five for one of Fox’s “The Five”
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The key to treatment for an addiction starts with seeking help. At the end of April it was announced that Fox News co-host of “The Five,” Bob Beckel was going to rehab for addiction to pain medication. In order to keep things quiet, viewers were told that Beckel was going away due to back injury […]

Finding freedom from the guilt of addiction: Learning to forgive
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The recovering addict has left the rehabilitation center. Their body is now clear of toxins and their mind is ready to take on the world once again. This doesn’t mean the past is gone. It still has the potential to haunt this person. Drug addiction is a powerful force for many stuck under its control. […]

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