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What triggers cravings? A look at how our minds work
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Cravings exist in many shapes in sizes, from ordering supersized fast food and eating ice cream late at night, to excessive shopping online and checking Facebook status updates every few minutes. For those recovering from drug addiction, cravings that trigger the relapse can be much more tempting than food cravings. Substance cravings are unique to […]

Florida legislature to expand access to Naloxone
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The national battle against drug overdose has continued to fluctuate over the years and has seen increases and decreases depending on the popularly abused substance of the time. Florida legislation is hoping to lower the numbers and save as many lives as possible. The Florida legislature is going to expand access on the non-addictive medication, […]

The world’s most dangerous drug plagues the streets of Colombia
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Scopolamine is arguably one of the world’s most dangerous drugs. It’s users can often be described as victims as it wipes out their memory and eliminates their free will, leaving them to demonstrate zombie-like behavior. It often goes by the name “The Devil’s Breath” and is made from a tree specific to South America. Some […]

Drug addiction on Wall Street
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Wall Street’s history of addiction has been portrayed and, in some cases, glamorized in Hollywood. While other industries do have comparable levels of substance abuse, the stigma that follows the Wall Street lifestyle is rife with hedonism and debauchery. While this stereotype does have its roots, many often overlook underlying factors that caused the environment […]

New Hampshire launches new efforts to combat rising heroin epidemic
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Last year more than 320 drug overdose deaths were reported in New Hampshire. This rate is the highest it has ever been and is double the number of overdose deaths the state recorded in 2010. Currently, New Hampshire is ranked the 49th worst state for providing treatment options for drug addicts. The head of the […]

How a balanced diet affects mental health
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Everything a person puts into their body has a direct effect on how it functions so it is easy to understand that nutrition plays a huge role in many of the body’s actions. Much research has been done that shows a direct link between nutrition and mental health. Evidence indicates that food plays a big […]

The dangers of synthetic cannabis
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Synthetic marijuana has come about in recent years as part of the new designer drug trend. It commonly goes by the name “Spice,” which is a catch-all term for all synthetic marijuana substitutes. While marijuana has been called a “gateway drug,” the new synthetic drug has shown to be possibly more dangerous than its illegal […]

New designer drug Flakka strikes Florida
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South Florida has experienced a growing number of unusual cases linked to a new street drug called “Flakka.” It is one the newer chemicals that has emerged onto the scene of synthetic drugs, also known as designer drugs. Florida police said there were 670 cases of Flakka use in 2014 alone, a rise from 212 […]

Addicted to the “smart drug:” The growing problem of Adderall addiction
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Adderall, America’s “study drug”, is widely prescribed to treat symptoms of attention-deficit disorder (ADHD). However many students without this condition manage to mimic its  symptoms to get a prescription. Many use it illegally to cram for exams and to liven up their night life. Its intended usage is to assist in focusing and concentration, but […]

Drug dealing on the dark web
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Modern day drug enterprise has evolved beyond comprehension. When one large dealer gets busted, another one learns from his or her mistakes and picks up where the other left off. Over 23 million Americans struggle with addiction every day and despite the efforts of law enforcement to crack down on the drug epidemic, it stills […]

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