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Six questions to ask when choosing a treatment program

Drug addiction affects one in 10 adults in the United States; that equates to 23.5 million people. It is a chronic disease that is progressive in nature from which many never recover. Many who suffer from this rapacious disease end up in jail, on the streets or, sadly, in a grave. When an addict or […]

Baltimore takes measures to end “heroin capital” reputation
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Baltimore, Maryland has been struggling with a heroin epidemic for decades and was previously labeled as the “heroin capital” of the country. Despite its notable nickname “Charm City,” Baltimore maintains one of the highest crime rates in the country. However, measures have been taken over the years to combat Baltimore’s struggle with drug addiction and […]

Mariel Hemingway shares her struggles with mental illness and addiction
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Mariel Hemingway, the actress and granddaughter of famous writer Ernest Hemingway, recently released an autobiography titled “Out Came the Sun.” Her new novel reveals her personal and familial struggles with a long family history of depression, alcoholism and suicide while highlighting her efforts to break the pattern. Hemingway was born in 1961, just a few […]

12-step recovery and its interaction among different belief systems
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Many different groups have come to benefit from the 12-step model derived from the Alcoholics Anonymous program. The original 12 steps were established by Alcoholics Anonymous upon its founding in 1935. This program teaches its members to trust in a higher power, clean up the wreckage of their past and help others along their way […]

Maine’s war on meth
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  Methamphetamine has torn through parts of the American West Coast and Midwest over the past 30 years. Most of the northeastern states rank low in meth use compared to other regions of the United States, but Maine’s meth problem has gradually grown worse despite the efforts of law enforcement. Offenses involving meth comprised 9 […]

Former FBI agent accused of heroin theft
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A former FBI agent in the Washington, D.C. field office pleaded guilty in federal court to 64 counts of criminal activity including obstruction of justice, conversion of property, possession of heroin and falsification of records. He will be facing up to 51 years in prison. Matthew Lowry, 33, had been working with a team that […]

The details of coregulation and its relationship to social anxiety
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Coregulation is the idea that communication is a dynamic and ever-evolving process in which participants are constantly affecting each other verbally and nonverbally. This concept often presents in romantic relationships and can sometimes make or break them. In practical terms, coregulation is when an individual picks up on specific social cues and adjusts his or […]

Addiction in the medical field
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Workers in the medical profession deal with the harsh reality of terminal illnesses and death regularly. What most will only hear of or see on television, medical staff see up close as an everyday part of going to work. Unfortunately, experiencing the trauma of death and illness can have a heavy toll, sometimes leading to […]

The mental and physical cost of college debt
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For many students, college loans are the price to pay for pursuing a higher education. While a college education can lead to many great opportunities before and after graduation, it can mean huge financial stresses for many students. A recent report by the Federal Bank Reserve of New York found the national student loan balance […]

The impact of hate crimes
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Hate crimes are as controversial as they are frightening. Hate crime cases can be polarizing events, stirring upheaval once the sentence is read. Hate as a motivator for a crime can be hard to prove when the accused party denies it. This emotion is subjective in nature and the law can have difficulty deciding on […]

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