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Why bother with relapse patients?
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There are fewer threats that are as universal for a drug addict as relapse. Imagine spending months kicking a life consuming drug habit and losing in a moment of weakness. When something is so hard earned, the fear of losing all that progress is just that much greater. In a study by Jalie A. Tucker […]

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Our life-long relationship with alcohol is established early on, a Concordia University study shows. With the holidays around the corner, we’re all a little more likely to indulge, especially when it comes to alcohol. While a few extra drinks might be brushed off as holiday cheer, they can actually signal a problem in young adults. […]

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Sovereign Health treats a number of different disorders, including bipolar disorder, depression, autism, schizophrenia and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. These separate conditions may have a number of different symptoms and proper methods of treatment. However, science has now determined a common attribute between all of them. This connection lies in genetic makeup, as all five […]

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When a loved one develops a substance addiction, it can hurt everyone in their sphere, including their entire family. Addiction is often coined a “family disease” because all members of the family become entangled in the web of consequences caused by the addictive behaviors of one. A chronically stressful home environment, financial strain, constant fear […]

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